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Hidden Killer


Asbestos mask

Asbestos mask (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asbestos can be present in any building in the UK that was built or refurbished before the year 2000. It could be on ceiling tiles or textured coatings on walls or ceilings, or sprayed onto pipework. Or it could be anywhere that insulation was needed, such as around windows, fireplaces or even on building pillars and has also been used in roofing slates. It can also be found anywhere that fire resistance was needed, such as on fire doors, fuse boxes and electrical switchgear.

It is known as a hidden killer because it is dangerous to health and can be difficult to detect by eye. The only absolutely certain way to be sure whether or not it is present is to have a sample tested in a lab.

You should avoid disturbing or working with asbestos wherever possible, though if you have received training, there are some kinds of asbestos you can work with. without a licence. But some kinds of asbestos are just too dangerous to work with and only a licensed contractor can advise on how to deal with these situations. It is important to understand what kind of asbestos is present and what options can be used BEFORE any work starts.

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